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  Ten years of sticking to parabolic louvers and high illumination reflectors!

Metal-Lux has been acknowledged as one of leading provider in parabolic louver and high illumination reflector industry for its continuous development of technology, top quality and best services. Metal-Lux, not only operating in domestic market, but also is expanding its business to overseas market such as US and Japan by focusing on export activities.

In tune with the global age of 21st century, Metal-Lux will do its utmost efforts to diversify the products and provide top quality and services.

Metal-Lux Co., Ltd.
Kim, Junki

Seoul Office : BongsungBLDG 501 , SeochoDong SeochoGu , Seoul , Korea
                     Tel : +82-2-525-3805 , Fax : +82-2-522-5172
Factory : BongmyungRi 24-2 , NamsaMyun , YonginSi , KyungiDo
               Tel : +82-31-339-2453 , Fax : +82-31-332-7196

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